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08 October 2022

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First Name : Nichols
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Even with the evil aura of the blessing of the obstacles, but the gray dwarf warriors are still not afraid of death to carry out a desperate counterattack, this counterattack wave after wave, even if the heart black hand ruthless Liu shock can not help but be moved, these guys are purely paving the way with their lives! With the crazy help of the Dharma Masters and the Sacrifices, Liu Zhen opened up and slaughtered with regret. The three cloud gangs finally summoned the Jin people. Just now, he couldn't even pull out the empty flash of summoning the Jin people. He was really living to see the big head ghost! As soon as the three golden men made a move, they rolled on the ground, one on the left and two on the right, extending inward almost like a roller. Roll! Keep rolling! Liu Zhen only gave these Yunqin Moyu Jin people the only simple ultimate instruction. These gray dwarfs dare to attack the Qin Jin people head-on! Liu Zhen regrets that he can hear the huge sound of the golden man's body being knocked out by the war hammer! *** him! Get the human pad! Liu shocked to see the clumps of figures, like seeing the smell of leeches, rushed to the road where the golden man rolled forward, and his back was numb. Because of the appearance of this scene, Liu shocked the goal of lowering, he now does not want to charge, he now wants to block the Moore army all the way forward, although he can not enter, Lao Liu also absolutely does not allow the other side to go further! The fortifications piled up by corpses were covered from half a meter high to one meter high, and then kicked down. Then pile it up again,long span shelving, then kick it down again, and pile it up again. Liu shock can not imagine how many gray dwarves he killed, he felt his two arms are very sour, the ghost Hydra's frozen gas also spit out, two small thick legs like stone piers flutter vigorously. Inside the gray dwarf less and less, the gap was also blocked by the golden man, the mammoth heavy cavalry again stepped on the mount, by frantically trampling on the back of the Lord's adult to kill,pipe cantilever rack, these residual forces spent a lot of their time, mainly because these guys are too good at hiding, small size, this time full of gas Corina also stormed away. The iron stakes on the ground were knocked into the air by mammoth elephants, and the grey dwarves hit by these stakes and chains would lose a part, not to mention being hit by mammoth cavalry's seven-meter heavy dragon lance, giant hooves and elephant trunks. The takin warriors also filled the gap where the Yunqin Jin people rolled away on the right side, blocked the grey dwarves who did not know where to come out again, and the takin clan's stunt "gladiatorial combat" opened collectively. The takin warriors with red eyes, led by Duncan, all lowered their heads and put the metal totem pillar between the spiral horns. They saved enough strength to rush forward. The movements of their cat waists are known to have been specially practiced at a glance. A dive to the top, sliding far away on the water-stained ground, a metal totem pole like a gun mallet and a spiral horn as sharp as a hook, radio shuttle racking ,heavy duty racking system, shoveled all the way, and the dwarf who was hit was like a powerful bed crossbow against his chest, which could be hit and fly in a row. Even the Dharma Master and the Sacrifice had advanced to the side of the battle line, but the enemy was still like a school of fish in the tide, and how to kill them continued to fight back. Every minute for everyone, is a kind of suffering, in addition to Fei Lengcui militia, no one dares to step on the forefront of the face of these crazy opponents, their expression is creepy. Also don't know how long to blow, Liu shock finally found in front of an enemy is not, although there is a cry on the battlefield, but seems to have been very far away, in front of the ground is full of a flow of tortuous crimson, in addition to Bellamy, mastiff soldiers have been lying on the ground, The sound of them panting with drooping tongues was like the sudden arrival of countless asthmatic cattle in the valley. He's ***ing! Liu shook himself and gasped for breath. He threw the flattened shield in his hand on the ground, put his hands on his knees, and spat hard. He was in the front of the attack line. His belly position was hit by a heavy hammer. Now the sputum he spat out was a little bitter. As for his silver base armor, it is completely scrapped, the magic protection function has long been finished, and now it is an ordinary mithril heavy armor. Holy shit! All my six knives have been cut off! Fat Luo sat on the ground, his head full of sweat or rain, holding the hammer and shield that he did not know when to grab, trembling like chicken feet crazy, and he could not straighten it. The day dies he first bear board board! The armor of these dwarves is too hard! Goode's strong chest heaved violently. In the secondary weapon tower edge star hammer has been empty only a chain, the original Vajra halberd also do not know where to go, the left hand even arm shield also smashed fly, the palm of the third generation of new weapons Shaman claws, five seven-inch Vajra blades have broken more than half, the remaining sharp steel claw is full of gaps in the meat. If it weren't for the people of Yunqin and Jin, we'd be dead today. Vieri sat on the ground with a fart. Next to O'Neill, holding a fake axe with a curly mouth, he could not say a word. He just breathed like a bellows. The monks nervously treated the mastiff warriors who were black and blue all over their bodies. These mastiffs were surrounded in the inner circle. From the beginning to the present, eighty-three of the eighty-six people fell down! Not the militia to the formation of the familiar cover in time, these new boys have been chopped into meat pies, the old soldiers and new soldiers of the casualty rate is really too different, at least none of the old militia fell! Because of the protection of heavy armor, these mastiff warriors are also very strong, one did not die, but most of them are chest rib fractures, all of which are caused by the "lower plate chop" of the Grey Dwarf! Lord Feilengcui's eyes were red, and at this time he finally settled down. He finally found out why the Grey Dwarf was so desperate! Campas is on it! *** him! Liu Zhen regrets that he doesn't know whether to say his back or luck. The torrential rain in the sky was so heavy that the water on the ground of the Flame Valley had already accumulated into a thick pool of water. As early as the beginning of the war, in order to prevent the invisibility of these grey dwarfs, the giant of Tifeng had used a large amount of chalk powder to sprinkle it on a large scale in the valley. The blood elf army cleverly made a heavy rain,Drive in racking system, trying to take the opportunity to force back the Hellfire giant, and then stirred the chalk powder into paste. Let the gray dwarf's invisibility play a deterrent role thoroughly, killing two birds with one stone. omracking.com

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